Your Well Being Is Our #1 Concern

Horizons Hospice is a Houston-based hospice and all of our team members live in and around the greater Houston area. As such, we are all too familiar with the seriousness and severity of severe weather conditions and the importance of emergency preparedness. 

Rest assured that our patient’s safety and well being is our number one concern here at Horizons Hospice. In the event that there is a severe weather condition, environmental disaster, or other crisis that may affect our patients, we have a full emergency preparedness plan in place and designated team members to oversee and execute every step to ensure the safety and constant care of our patients, our staff, and any necessary resources.

Additionally, we have taken measures to make sure that our leadership and emergency personnel can be accessed and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if/when needed.

Also, we have listed the following resources as well for your consideration in the event of any local severe weather conditions or other emergency crisis events that may affect you:

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